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Reframe. Retool. Return.


The return to office (RTO) is happening – if it hasn't already

It’s a sensitive message and a complex problem, but people deserve the chance to change their minds about coming back to the office.

Nevertheless, you can make the most of the opportunities with a constructive approach.


Surface your RTO purpose

To get the return to office right, make it meaningful. Telling a clear story which centres around the purpose and benefits – not just to your business, but to your people – will help you build motivation and momentum. With the right insight, matched to the purpose you’ve surfaced, you can address the barriers anyone reluctant to come in might be feeling.

Whether it’s fixed or flexible, surfacing and testing your RTO purpose, nailing your message, and readying people leaders with the rules of the road means you’ll land the rationale with impact.


We’re helping organisations reinvigorate the return to office

Senior business leaders, Chief People Officers, HRDs and employee engagement specialists are coming to us to power up their plans with purpose.

Using the powerful combination of insights, behavioural science, and high-impact communications, we’re helping businesses move into a more meaningful and productive era of work. We’ll help you handle complexity with dexterity using our tried and tested method.

Our six step method.

Our method will help you reframe and retool for a constructive return to office.

  • Surfacing your RTO purpose
  • Testing your RTO reality
  • Defining your rules of engagement
  • Creating consistent and authentic messages
  • Readying leaders and line managers
  • Communicating with impact
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